PyeongChan 2018 PyeongChan 2018 PARALYMPIC GAMES

Snow Sports


General Overview

The snow sports will be held in eight venues in Alpensia, Yongpyong, Jeongseon Alpine Speed and Bokwang. At the moment, there are six existing venues and two more will be constructed.

  • Alpensia Resort : Three existing venues (Cross Country Skiing, Ski Jumping, Biathlon) and one new venue (Bobsleigh/Skeleton/Luge)
  • Yongpyong Resort : One existing venue (Alpine Skiing Giant Slalom/Slalom)
  • Bokwang Phoenix Park : Two existing venues (Freestyle Skiing, Snowboard)
  • Jeongseon Jungbong : One new venue (Alpine Skiing Downhill/Super-G)

Competition Venues

Section Sports Disciplines present Venues specifics
Snow Games (8) Alpine Skiing Downhill new Jeongseon Alpine Speed L=3,360m, V=880m
Super G L=1,960m, V=600m
Giant Slalom existing Yongpyong Alpine Venue L=1,191m, V=410m
Slalom L=583m, V=210m
Cross Country Skiing existing Alpensia Nordic Centre L=7.5km, B=8m
Ski Jumping existing Alpensia Jumping Park LH=125m, NH=98m
Biathlon existing Alpensia Biathlon Centre L=4km, B=8m
Bobsleigh & Skeleton/Luge new Alpensia Sliding Centre L=1,400m, V=140m
Freestyle Skiing Mogul existing Bokwang Freestyle Venue L=250m, V=114m
Aerial L=120m, V=43m
Ski Cross L=1,100m, V=220m
HP L=180m, V=58m
Slope Style L=720m, V=150m
Snowboard PGS existing Bokwang Snowboard Venue L=550m, V=196m
SBX L=900m, V=170m
HP L=180m, V=58m
PSL L=350m, V=100m
Slope Style L=720m, V=150m

In Alpensia, three existing venues for Cross Country Skiing, Ski Jumping and Biathlon have already been certified by the respective International Federations and have hosted many international competitions.

The Cross Country Skiing venue was also upgraded in 2009 and will play a key role at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. The Ski Jumping venue was completed in 2009 with the financial support of the national and local governments; it hosted the FIS Continental Cup in September 2009. The Biathlon venue was upgraded in 2007 and played host to the 43rd IBU Biathlon World Championships in 2009.

Yongpyong Alpine competition venue, which is located in the Yongpyong Resort, was completed in 1998. It has hosted four FIS Alpine World Cups Games and the 2006 IPC Paralympic WorldCup.

The Sliding Centre will be constructed in Alpensia so that all the sliding sports can be staged here.
The location for Alpine Skiing was selected in Jeongseon Alpine Speed after consultation with the FIS experts and the basic design of the slopes has been completed. After the Olympic Winter Games, the venue will be redeveloped for recreational purposes.

The Bokwang Phoenix Park, where the Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard events will take place, was upgraded in 2005 and was certified by the FIS. The Snowboard slopes will be upgraded to meet Olympic standards.

Alpine Alpine (Downhill/Super G) Cross Country Ski Jumping Biathlon Bobsleigh & Skeleton/Luge Freestyle/Snowboard
Alpine Skiing (Downhill/Super G)
ㆍLocation Jeongseon Alpine Speed
ㆍVenue    specifications Men's course: Length 3,360m, Altitude difference 880m, Average slope 26.2%
Women's course: Length 2,720m, Altitude difference 780m, Average slope 30.7%
Super Combined: Length 600m, Altitude difference 180m, Average slope 35.1%
Gondola (M) 1, Lift (F) 1
ㆍCapacity 12,000 (Seats 6,000 / Standing 6,000)
ㆍConstruction      Period Mar. 2014 ~ Oct. 2016
ㆍEvents (6) Downhill (Men/Women), Super-G (Men/Women), Super Combined (Men/Women)