PyeongChan 2018 PyeongChan 2018 PARALYMPIC GAMES

Organizing Committee


POCOG was launched on 19 October 2011 with close cooperation with the national and local governments, the Korean Olympic Committee, relevant organisations and expert groups.

Number of members: 119 including the president
Organisational structure
  • Advisory Committee (8 members): Comprises the Prime Minister, Chairman of the National Assembly, IOC Member Kun-Hee Lee, Chairman of the Federation of the Korean Industries, etc.
  • Vice Chairmen (6): Governor of Gangwon Province, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, KOC President, etc.
  • Executive Board (20): The Executive Board is responsible for the approval of business plans, budget, accounts and business operation, etc.
  • Advisory Group (41): This group of advisors is consulted on the Games Master Plan and implementation of respective functional area plans

The Secretariat comprises of three Vice Presidents, one Office, seven Bureaus,
one Director General of Games Planning & Management Coordination, one CFO,
one Director General of Financial Planning, one Inspector, one Spokesperson,
one Director of Security, 25 Departments, 59 Teams, and seven Sports Managers.
The organizational structure is expected to expand as we approach the Games.

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